Invest with higher returns & minimal efforts.

Kids at School behind computer

Investing for Teens

Start soon: June 2nd

The younger you start investing, the brighter your future. 

Financial literacy is essential; the younger you learn good financial hygiene, the better. The math of compound returns takes decades to produce dramatic returns, so the key is to start early. As a father of four and a professional investor, I will teach your kids to successfully manage their money and savings, tame irrational impulses, and harness the power of compound returns.

Learn good money habits that last a lifetime.

When? 4 Saturdays – June 2nd (9:00), 9th, 16th, and 23rd (16:00) 

Where? Live via Teams (from your own home)

4 x >75 minutes in a small group (max. 6) – promotion price HK$ 1,800

Action delayed is greatness betrayed. Join now!

Happy Wealthy Life

‘A happy financial life stems mainly not from luck on financial markets, but from how you deal with them!’ How markets move or how other people act on them, you cannot influence. You can only work on how you address them. You have all the resources available; often, it is just making small changes. I aim to introduce you to a new and practical approach to your finances to achieve your goals and live a happy life.’