About Me

Invest with higher returns & minimal efforts.

Sebastiaan de Bont, MSc, CFA

Sebastiaan de Bont, CFA, MSc, has been a passionate investor since he was 12, when he started investing his mother’s inheritance money. He studied economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and has worked for asset managers in the Netherlands, Ireland, and Hong Kong to serve institutional investors. 

Sebastiaan de Bont’s dedication to helping individuals with their investments extends beyond his professional life. As a hobby, he finds immense joy in guiding people towards financial success. This book is a testament to his commitment to sharing timeless investing insights that will pave the way for a lifetime of financial success.

He aims to help others achieve their financial goals by investing smarter, so they can achieve them quicker with less effort. He does that with his book, courses, monthly newsletter, and wealth coaching.  


‘A happy financial life stems mainly not from the financial markets itself, but from how you address them!’ How markets move or how other people act on them, you cannot influence. You can only work on how you address them. You have all the resources available to you and it is just making some small changes. I aim to introduce you to a new and practical approach to your finances to achieve your goals and live a happy life.’