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The Book

In this fast-paced, powerful read of 142 pages, I offer you the key insights and expertise I have accumulated over my 30 years of (professional) investing career in layperson’s terms and illustrates them with simple analogies.

This book teaches you how to build and self-manage a successful investment portfolio to realise your goals and financial freedom. It will teach you how to minimise efforts, reduce stress and worries, and maximise investment returns. This book offers a plan for actionable investment solutions. Along the way, it will transform your thinking about saving and investing, and if you follow the lessons and advice therein, it will make you an unshakable investor.

If you are a student, an employee, an entrepreneur, or a retiree, buying this book is your best financial decision. It is so simple that even adolescents can start learning the concepts, build important habits early, harness the power of compound returns, and set themselves on the path to financial success. Knowledge is power; investing in yourself and your future is never too early or too late. Action delayed is greatness betrayed. Act now!

Happy Wealthy Life

‘A happy financial life stems mainly not from the financial markets itself, but from how you address them!’ How markets move or how other people act on them, you cannot influence. You can only work on how you address them. You have all the resources available to you and it is just making some small changes. I aim to introduce you to a new and practical approach to your finances to achieve your goals and live a happy life.’

Wealth Coaching

I did not write a book and leave it with that. I wrote this book to help busy entrepeneurs and professionals to manage their money better and achieve their financial goals quicker. I understand that achieving your financial goals is a life-long commitment and what is nicer than getting a little help with that? I strongly believe you should manage your money yourself, like you brush your teeth, and everything for this is in my book. But, like your teeth, sometimes it is good to do a check-up if you are doing well. 

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