The Finance Industry Works Against Most Investors

People working in Finance get paid primarily for what they do, not how effectively they do it. Traditionally, this is in the form of upfront fees and commissions, regardless of the outcome for investors. Investment banking and underwriting make even more money for bankers long before the ultimate success or failure of the transaction is […]

Keep Calm and Tame Your Brain

The first thing that happens when you wake up is that you become aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts decide how you feel. Although, is that true? If we wake up with angry thoughts and horrible feelings, does that alone in isolation make us unhappy? Not really. What makes us angry is how we respond […]

How to Build Wealth?

We often make bad decisions based on poor quality information. Sometimes we have too little information, and sometimes it is too complex or confusing and incomprehensible. It can be too hard to digest. Often, we cannot foresee the full consequences of our choices. It is especially hard when you must decide now, and accept that […]